For 30 years
we create
and we develop the industry
autogas in

Established in 1993 in Krakow,
Fugazi was one of the first companies in Poland,
which operated in the autogas industry, introduced modern,
At that time, little-known products of this industry. From a small company composed of several people
in 27 years it has transformed into 2 dynamically and stably
operating companies Fugazi and Pegas,
employing over 25 people in 3 retail outlets including
with its range the area of ​​southern Poland.

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Reliable Quality
Traveling with LPG is up to 50% cheaper than traveling
on conventional fuel. Two fuel tanks
also mean double the range!
It gives a sense of security during the trip.
The FUGAZI guarantee provides guarantee protection
components of LPG installations.


Satisfied customer
LPG means lower emission of harmful compounds to
atmosphere. Less exhaust gas means less greenhouse gases
and cleaner air.
Fast and professional customer service. FUGAZI workshop
will provide professional service for
reasonable price.
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Fugazi Sp.J.

ul. Lindego 20,

31-148 Cracow

Contact Numbers

Biuro: +48 12 623 02 00,

Service: +48 12 638 66 44,

Vehicle mechanics: +48 510 119 257,

Installation: 508 244 422

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Mon-Fri: 8AM - 5PM

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